Thursday, 13 January 2011

NastyNasty bears his Lazer Soul

For me, NastyNasty's Priceless was one of the stand out tracks on this year's Acid Crunk compilation from An-Ten-Nae. It's a mournful vocal repeated over sleepy dubstep with creeping electric lazer noises is a pretty good introduction to his sound, which takes that sad but beautiful element of dubstep and makes it something so much more....

Hailing from Okland, CA, NastyNasty first came to my attention on Soundcloud through a joint remix of Rn'b classic Say My Name with NiT GRiT. Unbelievably it still hasn't reached it's download limit despite it's hair raising combination of classic dubstep, NiT GRiT's earth shaking lazer bass and NastyNasty's off kilter swirling lazer synth - so grab it while it's still hot!

Both artists share a sense of meoldy, but while NiT GRiT goes for all out lister submission through the power of his bass, immersion in NastyNasty's sound is a more subtle process. His beats are more broken, his melodies layered in more comples patterns and his overall palette more eclectic - more along the lines of Slugabed or Nosaj Thing. Check out Western Slang below for a good example.
Western Slang by NastyNasty

More recently he's dropped a free VIP remix of No Name which lets the bass bubble as much as wobble as the arpegiating high end weaves in and out of an achingly wistful vocal. Perhaps the best this he's produced to date:
No Names VIP by NastyNasty

Meanwile this wicked remix of Justice's New Jack seems to pull him out of his dubsteppy roots into a funkier mid-tempo crunk disco vibe:
Justice - New Jack (NastyNasty Remix) by NastyNasty

If you download just one thing though, most of these tunes and more are showcased in the beautiful Lazer Soul mixtape he uploaded a few months back:
Lazer Soul by NastyNasty

I'm so jealous of these people here

It's time you got NastyNasty ;-)

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