Friday, 21 January 2011

Spread the Love.... for dubstep

Hello there!! Polo here ~~
As my first post, it is a privilege to introduce you to the Barry White of dubstep. If your partner is into it (dubstep or Barry White or both), prepare a gourmet diner with candle lights and rose petals all over the table and put this mix on the stereo. Heck, forget the candle lights and the roses, forget even the diner. Just play the mix. I can guarantee that this will be a night to remember.
The mix is on the downtempo side, nothing like some high-charged whoampwhoampwhoamp acid dubsteppy whompass tune. It's got this calm, warm, self-confidence vibe that says "Oh yeah, we'll get there bebe but no rush, we've got allllllll night". Just like Barry White.

How did I stumble upon this mix? I don't remember. Honestly. I must have been surfing the wave for quite some time, loosing track of time and space when suddenly, BAM! I was listening to the Love Step mix by Witness, a DJ from Pittsburgh, PA. And soon enough the magic happened. I kept saying "Oulala ouiiiiiii, c'est bon...!".

Love Step (02-2010) by Witness

1. Heart Beat - Nneka (Chase And Status Remix)
2. When I Look at You - Emalkay (SDUK Remix)
3. You're the Sun to Me - Faithless (Emalkay Remix)
4. What You Know - Two Fingers ft.Sway (Emalkay remix Instrumental)
5. Lotus - Trillbass
6. Thing's Go Wrong - Unitz
7. Hurt You - She Is Danger (Subscape Remix)
8. My Moon My Dub - Feist (DZ Remix)
9. Blinded By the Lights - The Streets (Nero Remix)
10. Take Me to the Hospital - The Prodigy (Rusko Remix)
11. One Last Time - Cut & Run
12. Weekend Wars - M.G.M.T (Cut & Run)
13. Running Away - Wedge and Shadz

14. Watch the Sun Come Up - Example (Joker Remix)
15. Could This Be Real - Subfocus (Joker Remix)
16. Love Don't Come Easily - Skream
17. Night by Night - Chromeo (Skream Remix)
18. You're on My Mind - Rusko
19. E500 AMG - JSL
20. Dreamin - Fonzerelli (Bar Noise Remix)
21. Far From Here - In Context ft.Jessica Poole (Ishe Remix)
22. One Of The Same - Caspa & Rusko
23. Sometimes I still Miss Her - Charlie P.
24. Holding On - Mr.J.Mereiros (B.Rich Remix)
25. In The Middle - The Streets (Nero Remix)
26. Kids - M.G.M.T (Bukez Finezt Remix)
27. Rock Bottom - Rusko & Caspa

28. RMS - Nobody Knows
29. Rock Bottom - Rusko & Caspa
30. I Gave You Every Thing - The Swarms

One word about (it's where you can download the Love Step mix). They believe in free distribution of music.
All music on their website can be listened to and downloaded, together with track listings. For free.
big \o/ for these guys.

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