Monday, 17 January 2011

OshJ - Josh Forrester - Electro Mix

Peachi here - Well it is with much aural pleasure that I present to you a link or two to a veritable plethora of deliciously dirty and driving dubstep DeehJay mixes - by none other than the man himself Josh. This is the gent that melted my brain at Nowhere Festival several times and had me blowing synapses all over the place. He also worked his arse off and put together the 'Jungle is Massive' Ubertown camp that was the centre of several of my top moments of Nowhere (great name for a camp too!). See previous post about the Badicals for edivence... Thanks Josh!

Nowhere Festival is the European Regional Burning Man gathering and he also DJ's at the associated London Decompression Parties (an indoor winter Burning Man'esque ra-union party) and he regularly makes socks dissapear there too ;)

Electro mix 14/12/10 by OshJ

So I'm just gonna give you the link to his soundcloud page where there are 9 mixes to choose from: 5 dubstep, 2 glitch, 1 drum & bass and one electro. I have to say the Electro Mix included above is my favourite, although there are moments in the other dubstep mixes that got me drooling. As hoped for, Josh remembered to press record and added two more mixes from playing out last weekend (15-16th Jan 2011), which I am still working my way through. So the mixes at the top of the page on his soundcloud page are fresh out the packet ladies and gents... mmmmm!

If I was gonna give some constructive feedback, I'd say that dubstep gets a bad name for sometimes just putting some womp bass behind a well known track without really meshing it in well or making it into something new and improved (it can get a bit samey and formulaic). Which is why I think I tend to veer towards dubstep producers who mainly create original tracks rather than just remixes (e.g. Mimosa, NitGrit). That said, some remixes are better than others and there are some less good selections in the Josh mixes in my opinion. But that's just my opinion - different peeps will probably like different ones, so I guess it's hard to predict what's gonna work as a supasta DeehJay. The main thing is that most of the time they are just full power inspiringly PHAT tracks!! Enjoy!

Best Sunrise Eva - Nowhere 2010

Josh has a unique way of tagging his tracks on Soundcloud as comments within the track soundwave. Which I find really useful cause then you know exactly which track is which. Nice work Josh! Lets hope it catches on ;)

My favourites:
Feed me - The Spell
I'm Not Your Boyfriend (Please Don't Touch Me) [Original Mix]
Nneka - Heartbeat (Chase & Status remix)

For comedy samples:
Birdy - Gay on Toast
Penny for the DJ - Ninjas (Ninja Man Raga Party)

but this is my favouritest:
Feed Me - Mordez Moi (Original) - WOW!

I'll be avin those on download thankyou very much ;)

Finally you may notice some new names appearing and posting on the blog. Very much looking forward to reading those blogs from fresh ears and I welcome my fellow muzik lovers to the MM blog!

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