Thursday, 31 March 2011

Eggcellent electro, techfunk and dubstep rebirth


Please excuse the terrible title puns!

I am a rather excited music bunny this week - obviously cos it's nearly easter and that means chocolate eggs (and I suppose the rebirth of Jesus if that floats your boat) but more importantly, there have been a load of awesome new music releases lately! The easter bunny has definitely brought generous portions of fat chocolatey bass for us all to gobble up. :D

Two labels in particular are definitely dishing out the dirt at the moment - in the best possible way of course! Here's my selection of favourites from Massive Music, a shiny new(ish) label set up by Schroff, a dancefloor-destroying dubstep and electrohouse artist.

Cameron aka Schroff

Latest favourite is his dubstep mix, packed full of choons that converted me to liking the genre! - tracks like his remix of EASTMANN - 'Spellcheck' prove that dubstep can be much more than just wobwobwobwob! (nothing wrong with wobs, I just like a bit of variation!) Intelligent, naughty and blended with wobbly electro, it's a perfect contrast with the next track, 'Burning up' (Torqux & Twist rmx). Deep, growling basslines are punctuated with groovy, twisty breakdowns reminiscent of a snakey Indian palace.

Massive Music-Schroff Dubstep Mix by Massive Music

so give this mix a listen even if dubstep isn't your usual thing - smart, filthy WOBZ ftw!

Talking of Eastmann (real name Nik Cedraeus), his new electrohouse/ techno project is definitely worth checking out. I tried to describe his style, then realised the description on his facebook page is unbeatable! -

'A fine, deep, full-flavoured blend of electro and techno. Sprinkled with a dose of crunch; sharpened by a spot of filth;sweetened with a touch of groove; blended with a twist of glitch. Refreshing yet deep. Slightly fruity but also nutty-packs a punch.Hints of leather and rich mahogany.Of mysterious European origin.'

heheh! nicely done Nik!
Here's one of his newest tracks, a teasing, punchy and slightly spooky techno sound:

Eastmann- Umbrellas and Olives- MASSIVE MUSIC MARCH 2011 by Massive Music

-Available on Beatport now!
The MaddoxX remix is wicked too - a deeper, more moody version.

Loads more awesome tracks to be found on Massive Music's soundcloud page!

* * *
Here's a little bit of maths in between the music:

A monkey:

+ some logic:


The Monk3ylogic duo, Will Bolam and Mike Connell need little introduction as I'm sure most of you have already heard of them! I'm pretty sure they've already been mentioned on this blog. But I must give you all a heads up about a forthcoming release on Liquid Records very soon (ie in April!)

Here's preview of Bass Effex, the original groovy stomper:
Base Effex (Due April 2011) [Liquid Records] by Monk3ylogic

Loving the cheeky, wobbly and cheeky synthy sounds that characterise the monkey, and the clever clean breaksy sounds that add the logic!!

Psybreaks magician HEDFLUX has done a ridiculously good remix of it, which will be released on the same E.P (along with remixes from Eastmann and Mike Method. These rock as well!)

Monk3ylogic - Basseffex (Hedflux Remix) by Hedflux

Hedflux has chopped up the sounds a bit and added a scoop of extra whomp, a large helping of wobble, and a sprinkle of bouncy syncopation. Love it, cannot wait to play this on the huge speakers it deserves!

Anyway it's getting late and your eyes and ears are probably going funny by now (hopefully in a good way!)

so I will bid thee all a phatty fatty easter! (lots of chocolate and bass).
Oh and if you're looking for something to do tomorrow night, look no further than HALCYON at Proud2 - the superclub at the O2 centre (formerly Matter). ACE VENTURA and INFECTED MUSHROOM live; Tristan; Liquid Ross; Sofire etc etc :) and Billy Butlins and myself are warming up the prog room from 11pm!

You can buy tickets here
or email me.
Event link:

mAYBEE see ya there on the dancefloor?!
Katty x


  1. not sure why its posted as by me and charlotte, thats my other blog! Just me this one, but neva mind :) hope u enjoy, feedback always welcome

  2. Loved this blog entry Katty. Very funny and cheeky with some personal comments on the music - and I always like to read other people's way of describing things ;)

    Looking forward to getting round to listening to all the tracks.

    Best blog yet by far, keep it up and happy chocolate fest x