Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Wonderland Burning Night Paris: Melting the Moulin Rouge with pure hot awesomesauce

So this weekend Polo-la-ra invited me, Peachi and the rest of the Musical Mana / Ra Family over to Paris for a French Burners party at La Machine de Moulin Rouge. I was asked to DJ alongside OshJ, Burning Max and other Nowhere/burner/French DJs, while the girls were lined up to hoop onstage. Then, at the last minute, we needed a stand in for Seanan who got blocked by passport control... booo.... but step in MaryMissMary!
Although we never doubted them, it turns out that Polo and the other French Burners know how to throw THE BEST PARTY EVER! The art was incredible, from vacuum packed humans to lush VJing and all the DJs and stage performers totally rocked it, Mary in particular blowing quite a few socks off. It was literally awesome.

If you didn't make it, no worries; just get dressed up like a nutter, invite loads of cool people over and blast out these mixes at full volume while grinning like La Vache qui Rit!

DJ Cocceline

In Polo's words:
"(Mary) melted ALL the available brains on the dancefloor. People were extatic. (Her Burning Night) set is in my top 3 sets of all times. And I have been listening to electronic music for over 20 years. She deserves every single bit of applause she got on stage... pure magical aural delight. It was a precious moment for everyone present. Pure hot awesomesauce!"

For a full list of DJs, VJs, artists and performers, check out the French Burners website here!

Big love to all who organised, performed, helped out and had fun x

In Mary's words:
The bestest weekend ever!!!! Paris was amazing!! Awesome journey with awesome people to meet more awesome people and play at the most awesome party ever to the most awesome crowd ever!! My cheeks hurt from smiling! Burner nights rock! Paris rocks! Team awesome rocks!! he he ♥ (MaryMissFairy)
Go team!

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  1. I am going to spend all day at work listening to these mixes... pure bangers! much lovings and respectings to you all!