Thursday, 17 March 2011

Stomps whomps and blomps

Hi all...
Sorry it's taken so long since my first post! I iz a busy bee... I do not recommend final year of university to anyone. Entirely unpleasant experience - that I'm paying for!! :/

However, I do have some tasty things for you that I WOULD like to recommend. After my last breaks- focussed scribble, I'm back into psychedelic territory this week :) Maybe that's because everyone I'm studying at uni seems to be mad! (Having a knock-on effect). Also, I've been remembering all the old psy acts I love and wondering what new sounds I can get my psy-hungry teeth into. hahahah. Dark psy isn't my thing really, so I'm not enjoying a lot of main-room music at parties these days...:( I have tried! But the cheeky full-on chunky texture still seems to be what gets me stomping - I just need a fun element I think!

Anyway, I really must mention NEUROPLASM to you all. Brighton based duo Felix and Chris are the new(ish) pioneers in night-time rinse-athons in my opinion! They've been producing for a few years now, but have recently got the recognition they deserve on a chunkadelic new release, 'B-right-on' by Blue Hour sounds.featuring Mood Deluxe, Antispin, Sonic Species and many more top British psy artists, this is an unmissable new album that features PROPA banging intelligent psytrance! (not so much of it these days, in my humble opinion.)

Bewildebeast by Neuroplasm is possibly their best creation so far: dark(ish), immersive and slightly twisted, it also injects some naughty, cheeky fun that I think characterises their unique sound:

Bewilderbeast by Neuroplasm

I started my set with this recently at the Badger's Ball in Plymouth, and it went down a storm!

One their older ones that I love is OCTOPLASM - triplets in psytrance always get me going and it's an incredibly bouncy set-opener!

Octoplasm by Neuroplasm

here they are being very silly:

Excellent :D

They have also been collaborating with talented friend Dan aka SINERIDER, (also check out Dan's wicked full-on project with his friend Hugo,

These guys produced a fun and upbeat top drawer choon for a morning set perhaps .....

Neuroplasm vs Sinerider - Cross Pollination by Neuroplasm

Reminiscent of little bits from Zen Mechanics, Flip Flop or Fearsome Engine, you'll love it if you like your basscakes to be rich, chocolatey and FATTY with a slight topping of fluffy icing!

YUMMM cake!

Watch this space, cos I expect big things from this magniloquent duo. I look forward to watching them on the Origin stage at Glade! (not this year I don't think, but SOON!)!/pages/Neuroplasm/328312637231


To slow it down a bit I'd like to share my man's lovely new prog/tech mix with you. It's a fairly new genre that he's been getting me into - very different from my usual filth, but something I'd wiggle to in the sun at a festival to with a massive grin! Bouncy, fun and clean as a whistle, his track selection is spot on - especially the Gamma Goblins remix by Riktam and Bansi! :D (side project of psy legends GMS)

Ipyup by Billy Butlins

His dj name is BILLY BUTLINS, a silly name for a silly person. Mixing skillz as squeaky clean as the tracks! Enjoy.

Last but not least, here's a mix from silly ol me... and Billy Butlins again. It's a selection of our favourite progressive psy - starts sunny and tribal, builds up to some full-on, deep and squwomchy sounds! It's for a competition to play at the new O2 club alongside sum big names, so we'd reallyyy love u guys even more if you could clicky on 'save to favourites!' (little heart thing on the mix on the soundcloud page).

Katty Grooves v Billy Butlins ATARI Project spring mix by Katty Grooves

Sorree for the shameless plug... but u get a free tasty mix to download in return!

Till next time... I best write some words on existentialism now! :(

Love, Katty x


  1. aah i forgot to mention: you can buy the release on BEATPORT:

    9 SQUID for the lot, bargain! snap it uppppp xx