Wednesday, 7 January 2009

US Glitch-Hop: MiHKAL Ghetto Spiritual Mixtape

Was listening to this walking home through London town today. Nice overlaid glitch-hop that starts chilled and then begins dropping bass bombs about halfway through. Not heard of this guy before but a quick search tells me he's part of San Francisco's Connoisseur Collective. I found it on searching for Ooah, who has some phat tracks on Interchill and Muti Music and features a lot in this mix.

Follow link to send space and follow instructions for the free download:


Loops, tracks & samples mixed in ableton.

Panty Raid - Too FIne To Do TIme
Ooah - Remembering Self
Mims - This is Why i'm Hot
Flowers of wraith - Aftermathmatics
Eight Frozen Modules - Hello Harold
KnowSleep - ElectroDub
Bassnectar - Heads Up (Westcoast Lo Fi mix)
The Disciple Grin - Trading Thoughts / Busta Rhymes- put your hands where my eyes can see
Ooah - Beaver Blink rmx / Lil' Wezzy - Stunnin' like my daddy
Bil Bless - Cursed / The Federation - Hyphy
Propa Tingz - Hustlers Concerto (boss dub)
Ooah - To Keep From Descending
Mr. Projectile - I Am Back (Bassnectar remix)
Slidecamp - Kelp dub

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