Thursday, 8 January 2009

The Hype Machine: Music Blog Zeitgeist?

A DJ told me about this at a houseparty on NYE when I asked him where he got his remix of MGMT's Electric Feel. So what is The Hype Machine?

From Wikipedia:

The Hype Machine is an MP3 blog aggregator created by Anthony Volodkin. It enables "one-stop shopping" of postings from thousands of MP3 blogs. Volodkin created the website in 2005 while enrolled at Hunter College.

Some MP3 bloggers have complained that aggregators such as The Hype Machine allow users to download music without taking in the entire experience of a music blog, such as its editorial content.

So basically, Hype Machine collates the hottest tunes doing the rounds on music blogs and lets you listen to them to see what you think. It' basically designed to help you discover hot new music.The downside is that there seems to be a lot of populist indie but it's pretty good for finding remixes.

The Electric Feel remix turned out to be by Justice. Best I've heard so far - search for it and see for yourself...

...and for those of you thinking that 'The Hype Mchine' sounds like something of a marketing stunt, have a read of this.

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