Friday, 23 January 2009

Lurking around on Psyforum

So, way back on Psyforum in 2005 I discovered Chickens of the Infinite by DJ Lurk - a two part mixtape with a silly name that grooved from lush progressive trance into funky upbeat psytrance via a blend of smooth bass and floaty melodies.

Chickens of the Infinite Pt1
Chickens of the Infinite Pt.2

The mix was conceived as a compilation of tunes that Tom liked grooving to on his ipod over the summer and Pt 1 especially had a top spot on my ipod for some time after. Anyway, I recently found Lurk's 2008 update which showcases the more techy, minimal side of progressive trance at the moment, sounding more pulsating and floaty than minimal techno or tech house but with all the subtle builds, drops, noises and harmonies. Enjoy...

Revenge of the Infinite Chicken (direct link - save as)

1. massive attack - tear drop (minilogue rmx)
2. kasey taylor - trapped (dousk rmx)
3. d-nox & beckers - changes
4. antix - red robin (kasey taylor rmx)
5. ace venturer - serenity now (fiord rmx)
6. perfect stranger - stardust
7. elegant universe - grizzly
8. liquid ace - psychic experience (perfect stranger rmx)
9. minilogue - little sister (d-nox & beckers rmx)
10. out of loop - the strangest night & still
11. ticon - in stereo (even 11 rmx)
12. john deere - flesh eater (luke porter rmx)
13. dousk - hammer
14. perfect stranger & ace venturer - perfect ace (atmos rmx)
15. freq - strange attractor (liquid soul rmx)
16. liquid ace - psychic experience

An if you like all that, I strongly recommend checking out Lurk's chunkier wonky side with his awesome compilation CD on Sonic Dragon. Check out the samples, buy it and get your wonk on!


  1. are you still here? i'm Lurk, and i found this blog cos i'm looking for this mix... as i don't have it any more. if, by any chance, you see this and still have the mix, please could you contact me on soundcloud (thelurkster) :)

    chuffed to bits someone blogged one of my mixes lol