Saturday, 10 January 2009

Why I love: Tribal Vision Records & Vibrasphere

Tribal Vision have just released the digital version of Sweedish prog-trance legends Vibrasphere's 5th album Lung's of Life.
Vibrasphere have consistently produced lush albums of emotive and hypnotic Scandinavian soundscapes that veer between icy cool chill out and pounding smooth grooves. They've long been one of my favourite acts. With their recent Tribal Vision releases they've been introducing a very welcome dose of minimal electro into their immaculately produced sound, so it's well worth checking out the samples here.

Tribal Vision are a Czech trance label who have been shaking up the world of progressive trance since they started release records about 4 years ago. While the idea of 'progressive trance' may sound like some late 90's mash-up of ELO and Sasha, it actually emerged as a stripped down techno-esque approach to goa trance led by Scandinavian labels such as Digital Structures (Vibrasphere's previous home).

Alongside Danish label Iboga, and artists such as Ticon on Digital Structures, Tribal Vision have recently been exploding the genre with a more open approach encompassing more 'mainstream' styles like electro house and minimal techno. As such their tunes have been finding their way into the record bags of superDJ's on the club circuit.

They also produce some lush graphics (see video below).

...which is from...

So, the slinky subtlety of minimal techno + all the bounce of electro house = absorbing music with lots of nice noises that creeps up on you out of nowhere with phat electro bass lines! For a proper taste check out this awesome mix by DJ Shankar to promote the excellent Vanguard compilation which came out Dec '07. Its was by far the most played mix on my ipod last year!

DJ Shankar - Vanguard promo mix (Dec 07) (right click and save as)


Paolo Driver-Mayo (Maurizio Ruggiero & Danielino DJ Rmx) [Presslab Ltd]
Motion & Tapwatr-Kp'n'tch (Original Mix) [ColdGroove]
Nick Muir - G Platz (Pig & Dan Rmx) [Audio Therapy]
Tegma, Duca, DJ Slater - East Block (Original Mix) [Tribal Vision]
Bass Kleph - Bump Uglies (Dopamine Rmx) [Vacation Records]
Greed vs Sonic Cube - Wilde (Elegant Universe Rmx) [Tribal Vision]
Antix - Seven Seas (Logiztik Sounds & Mauricio Duarte Meets Bill Tsipidis Remix) [Iboga/cdr]
FM Radio Gods - Sleeper [cdr]
Even 11 - Like This (Komytea Rmx) [Tribal Vision]
Drone - Hanging Out At Night (Original Mix) [Dezign Music]
Peter Juergens - You And Me [Tribal Vision]
Talisman & Hudson - Leaving Planet Earth (Dousk Rmx) [Too Much Information]
Duca - Green Lines [Tribal Vision]
Xavi Beat - Techu (Original Club Mix) [Fresco Records]
Kohra VS Ady - Clear Grounds [Shivlink Records/cdr]

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