Saturday, 24 January 2009

An-Ten-Nae: Dark Side of the Dub

An-Ten-Nae is one of the artists on Canada's Muti Music that I keep going on about. Dubstep glitch-hop... mmmmm....

Antennae_Dark_Side_of_the_Dub_Nov_2008 (direct link)

Pink Floyd - Breath/On the run (an-ten-nae remix)
Puppetmastaz - an-ten-nae remix
Bob Marley - Exodus - (an-ten-nae remix)
Damian Marley Vs Scuba - Culture United - (an-ten-nae refix)
Noble Society - The Swarm
Skream - (an-ten-nae mashup)
loefah vs sizzla - Obstacles (an-ten-nae refix)
an-ten-nae ft samba - Griot
Modeselektor - let your love grow
Mad world - an-ten-nae remix

... I found the mixtape on this random thread For Glitch Mob Fiends which is a vertiable gold mine of glitch hop and whomp. Have a browse or just search the page (cntrl + F) for names you know. Gonna check out Glitch Bitch mix and Flying Lotus Essential Mix next methinks. Also a few Bassnectar live sets somewhere.

1 comment:

  1. Dirtiness.. perfect for a messy special K fuelled mashup :P Definately the DARK SIIIIEEEDDAA!

    Damien Marley mix kicks ass.. Rude boii!

    Nice one Mr Baker!