Friday, 23 January 2009

RIP The End: Errol Alkan bugs out

This is the end... of The End. Tonight night those who have money to burn and memories to rekindle are tearing up the floors of one of London's most loved clubs one last time. Enough eulogies have been written to wrap round the sun in the last few weeks so I thought I'd just leave you with a classic mix by one of tonight's headliners Errol Alkan, live at Bugged Out in 2005.

Erol Alkan Live At Bugged Out London, May 2006 (direct link)

You can download more Alkan electro jiggyness and subscribe to a podcast on his website. Personally, my favourite stuff is from 2005/2006 when he was playing filthier electro and less indie disco but Alkan is always a consummate DJ and I'll leave you to explore for yourself!

You can read a recent interview with Mr Alkan about playing years of Bugged Out and his musical direction on The End's website here.

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