Friday, 20 November 2009

Disco of Doom: Rising up from the gurgling belly of the underworld

Disco of Doom's dawn set on the Arcadia stage at Glade this year is going to go down as one of my musical highlights of 2009. There was just something perfect about the marriage of their awesome sonic barrage in the grey morning light and this flame-throwing post-apocaylptic setting, with Tom Real hanging the top half of his body out of the DJ tower and gesturing at the dancing masses like a man possed.

Disco of Doom is a collaboration between Tom Real and The Rogue Element, longtime respected electro breaks producers, who are pushing new buttons with a sound that can't quite be described as techno, electro bass or fidget house. It's more like twisting, writhing, grinding house and techno - laced with electro poison and acid 303 - that winds you round it's little finger, pounds you into submission, then spits you out the other side.

The initially came together for a Samurai Fm radio show through their 'shared appetite for destruction and a love of loose women'. I first noticed their crunchy electro breaks collaborations on Passenger in about 2007 and they put out their first release as Disco of Doom in 2008. Since then they've released a number of tunes and remixes over the summer, most notably their already classic remix of Chemical Brothers 'Do It Again' (click for free download) and the filthy 'Warpig' (check the Foamo remix below!). The duo are currently 'locked in the studio working towards delivering their debut artist album'.

One thing these boys have done well is tap the new electro bass sound being championed by the likes of Andy George and Jaymo on radio one, and make it something much dirtier. For a full flavour, click the link below to download their November 09 Promo Mix featuring cuts from Vitalic, Boys Noize, Passion Pit, Doorly, Claude Von Stroke + new and exclusive new Disco of Doom tracks:

Disco of Doom - November 09 Promo Mix

If you're in London, catch Disco of Doom and their How's My Raving Sound System at their monthly Out The Box night at The White House in Clapham. There's one tonight - see details below.

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