Thursday, 12 November 2009

Eskmo: Ancestor mix

Eskmo was one of the artists featured on Muti Music's recent Symbiosis Gathering compilation. I was liking his glitchy, dubsteppy sounds so I deceide to dig further.

It turns out that Eskmo(Brendan Angelides)is a(nother) San Francisco based producer & live performer who has recently released on Planet Mu and has a new remix out on Warp this month.

Eskmo started his own digital label, Ancestor, in 2009 and the promo mix below showcases a style which he describes as "a fusion of thick, floor-creaking bass layered with rich, oozing melodies and syncopated rhythms" - begining with some lush glitch hop, stepping up into some pretty epic dubstep towards the end.

Eskmo - Ancestor Mix 2009, Jan, 2009(right click , save as)

Tracklist (txt):

(Intro) Animal Collective - Daily Routine [Domino]
Eskmo - Harmony [Ancestor]
Eskmo - Trudge [Studio Rockers]
Eskmo - Hyprecolor [Ancestor]
Eskmo - Process [Studio Rockers]
J. Rodgers - Meditation Point (Eskmo Remix) [Blipswitch Digital]
Eskmo - Amphibian VIP Mix [Ancestor]
DJ Quest & Eskmo - Speakers Corner (Eskmo & Antiserum Remix) [Cyberfunk]
Eskmo - Ocean Lazer [Sonic Dragon]
COTK - We Are The Glitch (Eskmo Remix) [Blipswitch Digital]
Sub Swara - Constructing The Absence [Low Motion]
Eskmo & Antiserum - Monstahs [Full Melt]
Jason Sparks - One Eyed Man (Eskmo Remix) [Contraboss]
Bar9 - Murda Sound (Eskmo Remix) [Z Audio]
Primus - My Name Is Mud (Eskmo Remix [dub]
Eskmo - Angus Dei [Ancestor]
Afghan Headspin - MSG (Eskmo Remix) [dub]
DJ Quest & Mutiny - ? (Eskmo Remix) [dub]
Eskmo - San Francisco [Ancestor]
(Outro) Animal Collective - Daily Routine [Domino]

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