Monday, 30 November 2009

MaryMissFairy: Sleep is for the weak (exclusive bonus techno mix)

Ok, so I've been sitting on this for a while, but after I posted MaryMissFairy's last electro mix, she sent me this tasty techno wobble-a-thon as an exclusive bonus. Enjoy, you lucky fuckers!

MaryMissFairy - Sleep is for the weak (YouSendIt link)

1) Squarez - Nadastorm
2)Ca C'est Paris - Wally Lopez & David Ferrero (Paolo Mojo mix)
3)Believe - Elite force & Meat Katie (Dopamine mix)
4)Monday Evils - Richard Dinsdale and D-Unity
5)Yin - Wolfgang Gartner
6)Black is Black - Milton Channels
7)El Lobo Loco - Marc DePulse (Koen Groeneveld mix)
8)Saint Mitre - Julian Jeweil
9)Lucia - Meat Katie
10)Head Cleaner - Popof
11)These Girls - Rektchordz (Meat Katie mix)
12)Medusa - Loco & Jam
13)You might hear nothing - Umek

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