Sunday, 1 November 2009

RA podcasts: Modeselektor and Neil Landstrumm

I turn my back on Resident Advisor for a month or so and just when I'm not looking, two stonking, bass heavy podcasts turn up in a row. The first is Berlin based duo Modeselektor, who ignore the usual boundaries to blend electro, techno, dubstep, electronica and hip-hop. I've been particularily enjoying their recent wonky bass heavy tunes, such as the one below, and this mix serves up a deep dish of fresh techno, dubstep and UK funky dubplates.


Modeselektor – Resident Advisor Podcast 173 – (21-09-2009) (Rapidshare link)


Deadboy - If U Want Me - Numbers
Untold - Just For You (Roska Remix) – Hotflush Recordings
Maurizio - M5 - Maurizio
Zomby - Digital Flora – Brainmath
Untold - I Can't Stop This Feeling – Hessle Audio
Taz Buckfaster - Gold Tooth Grin - Numbers
Mikkel Metal - Kenton (Marcel Dettmann Remix) - Echocord Colour
Headhunter - Prototype (Modeselektor's Broken Handbrake Remix) - Tempa
Venom & Damage - Deeper
Second Phase - Mentasm (R&S Records)
Modeselektor - Outro - Get Physical
Buraka Som Sistema - Skank & Move feat. Kano – Fabric Records
Lil Silva - Different - Lil Silva
Ramadanman - Revenue (Untold Remix) – 2nd Drop Records
Lil Silva - Funky Pulse - DDJs Productions
L-Vis 1990 - United Groove (MJ Cole Remix) - Mad Decent
XxXy - Reflections - Mindset
Headhunter - Sex at the Prom - Tempa
Robert Hood - Museum – M-Plant
Joy Orbison - Hyph Mngo - Hotflush Recordings
Mark Pritchard - ? – Ho Hum Records
Gas – Koenigsforst - Mille Plateaux

The second is from Edinburgh's Neil Landstrumm, a man I'm more familar with from dancing to his banging techno sets at parties around the country. Recently though, he's been bringing out more downtempo dubstepy, bleepy, bass heavy releases on the legendary Planet Mu. This podcast is a great example of his wonky new sound, described on his myspace page as:

"Imperial British Bass Psychedelia" and all it's stylish bleepy trimmings. Freshly imported southern-fried krunk, and sweet island dancehall are mixed with the refreshed roots of UK rave, steppers, grime and garage to brew an addictively low frequency elixir

Neil Landstrumm – Resident Advisor Podcast 174 – (28-09-2009)
(Sorry, link down. Will get a fresh one up as soon as I can. Also, if anyone can find a tracklisting, please let me know!)

Neil Landstrumm - £20 To Get Home (Planet Mu) from Konx-om-Pax on Vimeo.

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