Friday, 13 November 2009

Far Too Loud & Neurodriver: Gone solo

Far Too Loud have come a long way in the two years since Oli Cash and Dom Smart crashed into the breaks scene on Funkatech with their fresh, techy, crunchy and psychedelic sound, winning Best Single at Breakspoll 2007 for 'Get High'.

Since then, they've played around the world, release a ton of tunes and started their own record label, Broken Robot. Their biggest track to date - 'Play It Loud'- seems to have been in every DJ's record bag and provided the soundtrack of many summers in 2009 from Glade, Glastonbury and to the mighty Burning Man in the states.

They've also had a lot of props and airtime from Radio 1's Annie Nightingale, who recently collaborated with Oli on a filthy electro mix of Lily Allen’s 'Not Fair'. Apparently, she likes it so much that it's became part of her live show!

Last time I saw Far Too Loud play (at Electric Circus) Oli was on his own though, and it turns out that he'll now be running Far Too Loud as a solo act, with Dom leaving to concentrate on his new solo venture, Neurodriver.

This is pretty much the musical equivalent of splitting two picture cards and drawing a couple of aces - Neurodriver's first EP of twisted psychedlic breaks, Sidewinder/Robofunk, came out on Broken Robot in September. In his own words "it represents a conscious move back toward the underground, fusing elements of techno, breakbeat and psychedelia to form a new breed of heady funk suited to big rigs and dark rooms." Dom has also collaborated with the legendary Gaudi for a track on his new breaks album "No Prisoners" and the awesome Atomic Drop (check the track in MaryMissFairy's latest mix below). Go to Dom's Neurodriver myspace for news and track previews.

As for Oli, Far Too Loud's new single Bass Association/Dancefloor Destroyer is now out on Beatport. You can preview the tunes in his most recent mixtape below and the Soundcloud page for older mixes. You can also register on iBreaks for higher quality 192k stereo archives and tune into the Funkatech show every Monday 8-10pm GMT with Far Too Loud on rotation.

Far Too Loud - iBreaks Radio Mix 19.10.09 (96k/mono)

01 Far Too Loud - Bass Association (Funkatech)
02 The Crystal Method - Come Back Clean (Annie Nightingale & Far Too Loud Remix) (Tiny e)
03 Trent Cantrelle & Princess Superstar - Robot (Sounds Like Music)
04 Foamo - Wardance (Disco Of Doom Remix) (Skint)
05 Rack n Ruin - Do One (Future Perfect)
06 Ryan Galbraith - Smuggling Duds (Lazy Rich Remix) (Stereo Soul)
07 Pro7 - Mi Amor (Dilemn Remix) (Boxon)
08 Miss Napalm - Asskicking (4Kuba breaks Edit) (Elektro-Lyte)
09 NAPT - Fortune (Dub Mix) (Funkatech)
10 Sam Hell - Logjammin (Kickflip Remix) (MOFO)
11 Far Too Loud - Dancefloor Destroyer (Funkatech)
12 Future Funk Squad - Chris Carter (No Hands Remix) (En:vision)
13 Chettface vs. Yanix - Wikked Ways (BETA Remix) (Ridiculous)
14 Beats Persona - Dr Splace (Perpetual Present Remix) (Acidphonic)
15 Anarchy Rice - Crazy Shit (Acidphonic)
16 RMS & Peak - New Realms (Hedflux Remix) (Broken Robot)
17 Projectiles - Splashback (Bombtraxx)
18 Circuit Breaker vs B-PhreakDroppin This (Matthew McCurry & Stephen Cole Remix) (Dead Famous)
19 Orzels Machine - Torque Is Cheap (Trick Music)
20 BSD - Compute (iBreaks)
21 X-Dream - The 1st (FTL Re-edit) (CDR)
22 Far Too Loud - All Is MAchine (Specimen A Remix) (Funkatech)
23 Kiwa - Redemption (Eshericks Remix) (High Grade)
24 DJ Fresh - Hypercaine (Nero Remix) (Breakbeat Kaos)
25 DJ Mutiny - Turning Point (Far Too Loud Remix) (Funkatech)
26 Damsey - Funk My Brain (CDR)
27 Far Too Loud & Code Zero - Blackout (Exogenic Breaks/Funkatech)

Upcoming dates:

23 Nov 2009 20:00
FTL presents the Funkatech Records show on iBreaks, 8-10pm GMT, London and South East

28 Nov 2009 20:00
Tribe of Frog @ Lakota Bristol, Midlands

2 Dec 2009 20:00
FTL & Subsource @ Magnet Liverpool, Northwest

7 Dec 2009 20:00
Far Too Loud guest mix on Rough Tempo internet radio, 8-10pm GMT, London and South East

19 Dec 2009 20:00
Ded End Productions Presents FAR TOO LOUD @ The Starlite Room Edmonton, Alberta

9 Jan 2010 20:00
Drum ’n’ Bass and Breakbeat X-perience 13 @ Rockstore Montpelier

30 Jan 2010 20:00
FTL @ Arena Wien Vienna, Wien

13 Feb 2010 20:00
FTL Live set @ Live Attack Lyon, Rhône-Alpes

15 May 2010 20:00
Abbeymoor Stadium Glastonbury, Southwest

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