Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Zinc: Crack House (its like normal house but f**ked up)

Seem to have featured a few DJs lately who have been breaking free from the styles that made their name to forge new sounds (Meat Katie, Neil Landstrumm). Another who can't go without mention is DJ Zinc - one of my favourite drum'n'bass DJs from the original Tru Playerz nights of old.

I saw Zinc drop bombs with his fresh new style at breakspoll in February and he's recently put out this mix with the title 'crack house'. The funky grooves of house bind this mix, but it covers a myriad of influences from the dancehall electro of laidback luke n diplo to the tic-tic-tic of progressive techno and the bass bumps of electro house. Zinc's d'n'b roots are still evident in MC skits on some tracks and even a grime number from Dizzy R, not to mention the deep bassline drops.

If you like what you're hearing, he's just released a load of these tunes on the Crack House EP, via his own label, Bingo Beats. Follow this link to the brilliant You Can Call Me Pelski for a full review and low-bit tracks samples.

Download the mix from Zinc's soundcloud page below:

ZincSeptCrackHouseMix by zinc

t/l is;
zinc - pimp my ride
b8b - chapel edit
laidback luke n diplo hey + remix
roska wonderful day special
jack beats ufo
tea diss
moda - strong love
dizzy vs tom
like to freak
zinc watch dis
kylie - he was like
zinc - jekyll n hyde
zero - erol alkan rework
la roux bulletproof zinc remix
rass out
wot u need rmx
jesse - over my head
vamp remix
mjcole + serocee - ao
power to conquer

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