Friday, 13 November 2009

MaryMissFairy: Wonk This Way

It's quite a statement, but... MaryMissFairy (Mary Reilly) is probably my favourite DJ of 2009. Not including her vocal duties on Nagual Sound Experiment's 2007 psychedelic dubstep track Hexorcism,I first heard her quaking the top room at Alpha Omega in April, first met her in May and was last blown away by her set in tiny room at Wonkay Records' Turned Toon in October.

Why does she qualify for this staus? Well, she seems to be mining a stream of sound that I've been slowly gravitating towards for the last year or so. A crunchy, techy blend of techno,progressive house, electro and breaks being led by Tom Real and Rouge Element (Disco of Doom), Atomic Drop, Meat Katie, Elite Force and some releases on Tribal Vision. She's also introduced me to the amazing dirtyloud and Felguk.... all of whom are present and correct in her fresh Wonk This Way mix below.

Mary's just set up her Soundcloud page, so you can also grab Miss Scarlet in the Library with the lead pipe and keep up to date with future mixes. She has also recently been made a label DJ for Wonkay Records, in charge of the A&R for electro and techno, and will be compiling a compilation due for release 2010 - can't wait!

Wonk this way by MaryMissFairy

MaryMissFairy - Wonk this way - Oct 09 (Right click, save as)
Electro mix of varying levels of wonkery ;)

1)Its the music - Josh the Funky1 ( MIles dyson remix)
2)Do it again - Chemical Brothers ( Disco of Doom remix )
3)Panic Attacks - Rogue Element( Arrow remix )
4)Burn out - Seductions ( Aaren San remix )
5)What you gonna do - Atomic drop vs Neurodriver
6)What... you think - DirtyLoud
7)Wunderbar - Gustavo Assis and Thiago Sian
8)Non believer - Elite force and Meat Katie
9)Buzz me( Rework ) - Felguk
10)Flick a switch - Loops of Fury
11)Gustavo Assis - Move on
12) Trash house music - DirtyLoud

If you like that, then make sure you catch MaryMissFairy at Wonkay Records Crunch Bunch party in London on 4 December. Details below:

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  1. She'd get my vote just for the introduction to DirtyLoud. Wish I could make the 4th Dec. Pooh!

  2. What you gonna do - Atomic drop vs Neurodriver

    I like! Nice mix into dirty loud too :)

  3. Hi! Glad u like dirtyloud!
    du (Dirtyloud)