Friday, 6 November 2009

Hedflux: Music is my weapon

Hedflux launched himself onto the UK music scene last year with "Music is my weapon". I first heard it via Far Too Loud mixes last year. They then went on to re-release the tune through their Broken Robot label alongside their own badass re-rub, after Sinister records went bust. If you like your breaks chunky, techy and psychedelic (and I do), here's your man. I still haven't seen him live yet, but this promo for Glade this year and the fresh tunes on his myspace page give a pretty good idea of what he's capable of. Enjoy!

Hedflux - Glade 2009 promo mix

Kiwa - Drop Control (Rektchordz rmx) (High Grade)
Kultur & Columbo - Electromolekula (Metamorph music)
Hedflux - Mind Cell (Broken Robot)
Boonos - Rabbit (Title Fight)
Hedflux & Tom Wilkes - Basscake (Broken Robot)
Neurodriver - Robofunk (Broken Robot)
RMS & Peak - New Realms (Broken Robot)

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1 comment:

  1. Nice mix. Its definately got a groove from start to finish that builds. Just bought Headflux - Basscake off Beatport as it has the most ammazing licks of 303 in it. My favourite. Found some other good stuff from Broken Robot Records too. But couldn't find the last track on there. Is it not released yet or do they only hold newer stuff on there?

    WHat you say musical sensei?
    Cheers C-Ra, that was an Eargasm and a half ;)

    L8taz innit word n ting! PBRa

    I'll zip you up some more mana soon... once you've cleared the decks on the server with Ableton ;)